Central Government Trying to Delete Status of Yogyakarta as Special Region

By. Pitoyo on journal Madani Edition II/November 2010

From the outset, Yogyakarta is a special region to the Republic of Indonesia. Before Soekarno-Hatta stated “ The Indonesian Proclamation”, Yogyakarta was a state reigned by a Sultan as the head of state. However when Indonesia proclaimed its independence, the kingdom of Yogyakarta stay behind the Republic and become a part of the Republic of Indonesia. The relationship between the Kingdom and the Republic of Indonesia then it is known as ijab-kabul, surely like a married, a wedding ceremony. Then Yogyakarta is called special region or Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY). When the Dutch came back to Indonesia they reached Jakarta. The situation surround Jakarta was insecure. and therefore the Capital city of the Republic was moved to DIY, where the Sultan responsible to law and order in the region. On December 19 of 1948 the Dutch military occupied Yogyakarta and then the President and Vice President were exiled to Bangka Island and without delay the Dutch announced to the International community that the Republic of Indonesia was gone. The United Nations believed to the news. However on the 1st of March of 1949, a general attack was launched by Indonesian guerillas to occupy the capital city Yogyakarta for 6 hours. Although there was only six hours occupation of Yogyakarta, the result was the eyes of the world opened that the Republic of Indonesia still exist. The United Nations facing the fact then recommended the Dutch to hold cease fire. The next task was to strengthen the Republic of Indonesia. In this revolution situation the role of Sultan was to back up the Republic of Indonesia so that International Community recognizes the Republic.

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